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Dec 23

Estate Cleanouts in Overland Park

estate cleanout service in progress
Estate cleanouts are a bit overwhelming.  If you have had someone pass in your family, you have a lot to do.  Many times people will hire an auction house and clear out the majority that way.  There are other consignment-style places that can also clear it out.  However, there are valuable items in an Estate and there are lots of junk too. If your family member was a border, then there might not be anything that is salvageable.  But, that mound of stuff is going to be very overwhelming to non-professionals.  We are professionals and have cleared out hoarder houses in the past.  There is a system that we follow to get the house cleared out properly and safely.  

While hoarder houses are something that most people hope they don't uncover, sometimes there is a room or basement that is full.  Maybe they have huge collections of things that wouldn't be considered a border situation but will certainly be hard to get rid of.  That's when you call on the expert in Overland Park junk removal companies.  Don't waste your time doing Overland Park estate clean-outs on your own.  This job is for the experts.

Overland Park Estate Cleanouts


Estate cleanouts Overland Park are hard on families.  It is an overwhelming job when families attempt on their own.  Even having an auction house come in can simply take too much time.  Especially if you don't live around where the home is located.  It can get to be too much and you simply want it cleaned out so that you can continue your life.  You need to have it cleared in order to sell it and move.  We work with people that find themselves in an overwhelming situation.  No worries.  We are here to help you clear out that estate so you can move on with your life.

Our crews are specially trained to pull everything out of a home and leave it clean so that you can put it on the market.  We understand that this is a very emotional time in your life.  It is usually a time when you have decided to downgrade, maybe a loved one passed and maybe you are facing eviction.  You have to make some tough decisions at the moment.  It can be a hard time for friends and family to be around as you are in a tough place.  Because of this, you don't want to ask them to come and clear it out.  Hiring a professional will allow you to remove yourself from the situation.  This makes it easier for some people. 
Getting rid of the junk
While you might not want to get rid of the stuff, you are being forced to downsize for whatever reason.  Because of this, you have picked through what you want and need, sold some at a garage sale and online and now, you have the rest, what do you?  You can count on us to clear out the remaining items to get your home cleared of your things.  This can be a big help during a really tough time.  

Some people think they should get a storage unit for their things.  While this is a good temporary situation, it is not good for the long term.  Many times people rent a storage unit to put the overflow in and find that they never use anything in the storage unit.  Now you have the costs of the storage unit but for the costs of the boxes.  While storage units have their place, they are not good for long-term situations where you are not going to need the items in the storage unit.  If you are temporarily moving somewhere, a storage unit is certainly an option.  But if you are storing items that you are not going to need back, it is less costly to get rid of them.  This allows you to not have all those added costs.
When you do have friends and family help you, you will need to get insurance in case something would go wrong. You want to protect yourself and the safety of your friends and family.  While a professional junk hauling company carries business insurance on the crews.  You will not need this added cost. 

Other options for removing items from an estate besides junk removal
You could sell off the items on eBay or other online venues.  This will take a lot of time.  You will have to photo everything, box it up, and ship it. To save some time you might have a local consignment auction that you could use to sell off things more quickly and without having to deal with shipping.  Usually, those places have experience in what sells and what doesn't.  This can help you know what is junk and what actually has value.  Without that experience, you will need to do a search to see what people are selling.  We are not kidding about being time-consuming.  But, it is an option.  You could donate items to a charity or do an Estate auction as well.